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better late than never?

Hi – posting here hoping that everyone who has  contacted me can see. Due to ongoing family issues I have not been able to list many new pieces recently. This includes tree-toppers. I’ve had several people email me with requests & because of the above-mentioned problems I have not been able to answer everyone individually. I was able to get a few un-commissioned pieces done. I will try to list them tomorrow but here are a few pics  – my good camera was not available so better pics tomorrow


finally finished a few

101_6058-11 101_6053-11angel christmas tree topper

101_6091-21 101_60931 angel christmas tree topper

101_5984-11 101_60901santa claus christmas tree topper

The past few months have been insane to say the least – but I did get a couple things done for my shop.

ho ho ho