I never thought I would have a blog. I am not the best writer, more of a reader, actually. But I wanted to have a record of things I am working on.

I am a self taught artist working mainly in paper mache. I make my own clay out of shredded papers (office paper,newspaper, etc) I like the idea of making something from nothing, starting from scratch kinda. I like the idea that I am recycling. But mostly I just love making stuff. Sometimes its weird stuff.

These are my one of a kind paper mache sculptures.

The Process

Many hours & quite a bit of work goes into every sculpture.
I create each piece over a strong armature I construct myself using wire & found objects. The clay that I use is made by me as well.
I shred junk paper (office paper, junk mail, newspaper, etc) soak it & mix it with paste & glue to make a pulp. I add calcium carbonate for strength & to buffer any acid in the paper. Each piece is sculpted in layers so that it dries completely & when finished is sanded, gessoed, painted, covered in decorative or handmade papers & then sealed. The work I sell on etsy is not constructed for outdoor display (especially in wet climates) but with normal use will last a lifetime*. Clean with a soft cloth or duster.

*or several lifetimes – quick fact – there is paper mache still in existence from the China’s Han dynasty (202 B.C.-220 A.D.)

– rachael direnna

member-Craftsmens Guild of Pittsburgh


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