can’t get right

off to NYC for the first time – hoping for some inspiration to shake me out of my apathy – always thought i was a person who could handle adversity, guess we’ll see

hopefully i come back creative – i miss it


2 responses to “can’t get right

  • Shelley Noble

    Oh! You’ll love New York! It’s all layers and patina! It’s old and crowded and filled with every great thing and every awful thing, all at once. One thing it isn’t is dull. Rather it’s chocked full of creative stimulation. Enjoy it!

    I’m much more clear on the Flowering Thought puppets now, if you want to make some when you get back?! Maybe I could commission it?

  • rachael

    yes definitely – email me whatever you’re thinking
    i so want to feel “artful” again
    no commission – i am at your service

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