holy s–t!! I won!! & an apology & a thank you

First of all – Thank You!! Thank You!!!  Thank You!!!  to Christine of DuBuDu Designs – I WON!! I only entered the one  OWOH giveaway because I felt bad for not participating. I just couldn’t pass up a chance to own a piece of Christines art. & I WON!!! I’m so excited.

Second – I have been so behind in everything lately – I am so sorry. Thank you to everyone who stops by periodically anyway. My faithful friends 🙂

Time has just really been gettting away from me lately – I feel like I never get out of my truck.

Just a few of the people I ride around regularly :

img_0306 img_0318 img_0321 img_0521 img_0648 img_0951 000_0036 101_1539 102_9839 img_0144 100_22j961 000_0026 000_0061-2 102_0078-11 000_00151 000_0010 101_5939 100_5273 000_1020

& me


I’m not complaining – I love to be in my truck but  thats what I’ve been doing instead of posting – plus my sculpting – plus I have a full time job.

but I am going to get better – it’s my belated New Years Resolution – more time for my art.

So again – thank you all (especially Christine) & expect better things (fingers crossed)


4 responses to “holy s–t!! I won!! & an apology & a thank you

  • Christine

    You’re welcome Rachael! It’s hard keeping up with everything..I try but am not very good at it and when I am it’s because I’m up at an ungodly hour like right now (my eyelids are so heavy I dont know how much longer I can last).
    Actually the fact that you dont post all that often just means you have a life…which is far better than writing daily blogs posts/pics if you ask me:)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  • Mo'a

    Wow Rachael!!!, if it was anyone else than you that had won Christine’s wonderful Doll I would have been green with envy…OK!!! strike that I am jealous and green with envy LOL
    Congratulations you lucky girl.

  • Mike

    Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

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  • Shelley Noble

    Holy S***T! Christine’s dolls are beautiful! I can’t tell what you won, Rachael, but I bet it’s amazing! And you run with a cool crew! Looking forward to seeing whatever you’re into!

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