Wordiest post I ever did probably

Well I haven’t been here as much as I would have liked in the past month. Good reason though – I had two car accidents within a week & a half of each other. Picture of the first one :

Don’t have a picture of the second.

First time guy in front of me stopped very suddenly & CRASH! Second time guy behind me CRASH!ed into me. Karma? I’m only telling you this because while I have been dealing with the crap that comes from two accidents in two weeks I was tagged by two of my favorite girls – Christine & Laetitia – to show my tools. It has taken me a while to get to it but here they are – they aren’t pretty but they work for me:

Real sophisticated, huh? But I’m a simple girl.

I think I am supposed to tag 5 other people but since I am late to the game & most people have already played I will just send out a general call to anybody who reads this to show your tools or  your process.


5 responses to “Wordiest post I ever did probably

  • Shelley Noble

    Eeeek GADS!, Rachel! How awful! Thank God you are alright!

    um, yeah, I’d sure do a leeetle prayer of some kind before um hitting (heh) the road again?! Couldn’t hurt!?

    I was just going to check in with you and make exciting talk about Flowering Thoughts! I have (actually actually) flowers, wire and pictures to send to you in case they make it inspiring to create the puppet(s)!

    Sending much good thoughts to you! Shelley

  • erikatakacs

    Oh my, the car looks pretty bad, glad you’re ok. I’m smiling seeing your tools of the “trade”. I don’t have much more either. Some of the best art is made with the simplest, traditional tools (I’m into African sculptures nowadays, amazing).

  • Anonymous

    Good lord! Two accidents~talk about a bad week. Hope you weren’t injured.
    I love seeing your tools! Hey you know the less the better..you have what you need and the rest is your talent and hands..that says alot! And I liked seeing the paper mache being stirred..maybe thats what I should use my hand mixer for since I don’t bake..hehe. Thanks for showing us:)

  • Christine

    oh that was me by the way “anonymous”

  • Mo'a

    I am so sorry to hear that you had two car accidents…let’s hope things will look up for you.
    It’s great fun to see your paper pulp…how about a tutorial ? 🙂

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