enduring (hat tip to Mo’a for the title)


9 responses to “enduring (hat tip to Mo’a for the title)

  • Mo'a

    I would name it ‘Enduring Love’ they are in a tight embrace for eternity. As always I love your art. I had the little sprite that I own on my work table inspiring me…she looked like she had just flown in to see what I am doing…love her I am so happy that I have one of your pieces.

  • rachael

    Thanks Mo’a – I think I will

  • Christine

    I’d say this is my favorite tree by far.WOW!!!! What I like about your pieces is that once you look at them , you tend to see more..they never get boring to look at:)

  • Linda Fleming

    Oh Rachael! This is beautiful! I think this is my favorite – and what a perfect name.

  • Kim

    Wow- I just came across your website when I was researching paper trees for a non profit event that I am coordinating. This style is exactly what I had in mind. First I saw the tree spirit and then this. Your art is amazing and terrific!

  • Sunny

    I love trees so much, very symbolic. Thanks for sharing this inspiring piece. I think I will set it up as my computer’s background to remind myself that a relationship is always growing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Abby

    Hi, that is a beautiful tree! Can you tell me a little bit about the process you used to make it? How did you do the framework? How tall is it? (I’m not normally this nosy, I’m part of a construction crew for my school’s drama club, and would like to know more) Could you email me?

    • rachael

      hi abby
      thanks – i don’t have an email address for you but its paper mache
      i make an armature from found objects, wire, wood, etc. – as long as the armature is solid you’re good – then paper mache over it
      i’ve gone as small as 2 inches & as large as 9 feet
      if you want to send me your email address i will give you more detail

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