a Thank You post


I came back from A Fair in the Park to find several people linking to my little blog – so I wanted to say thanks

Now I’m off to another art fair





also dumptrumpet.moonfruit.com but I can’t get a link to come up right now


6 responses to “a Thank You post

  • Laetitia

    interesting to see such a photo! I have a better idea of your work, all the pieces together ,the different sizes..
    ,do you usually sell your works in art markets ?

  • Mo'a

    Wonderful to hear about your show. I visited all the sites that you linked…..very interesting and fun.
    I love your booth set up…..where did you get those wonderful shelves?

  • rachael

    @ Laetitia – Hi I really only do one fair a year – it is run by a guild I am in – but I was invited kind of last minute to do another one & since I still had everything packed up I figured I might as well

    @ Mo’a – Hi – thanks – it is so awesome about the shelves – I was at Staples & they were clearanced. The sales guy told me if I took them all he would discount them even more – so I got what you see plus another combo the same size for like $40.

  • Chantal

    Congratulations on your show. It is my intention and dream to one day buy one of your earthy and magical creations 🙂

  • m0le

    Hi Rachel,

    You wont be able to use Snap on Dump Trumpet (it’s a Flash site) but thanks for the credit. I found your amazing sculptures on Live Art Bites. Really cool stuff!

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