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  • Mo'a

    She is wonderful…..my Husband saw her and asked “Does she sell her work” I told him ofcourse….he said “E-mail her and ask how much it is…..can you email me and tell me….we love her.
    I found this French artist that I though you might want to check out here is the url Merveilles en papier
    Talk with you soon

  • rachael

    Hi Mo’a
    It’s so nice to hear from you again. Thank you so much & thanks also for the link. Her work is amazing. I’ve added her to my blogroll.
    I just got home from work this morning but I will be emailing you later today.

  • Linda Fleming

    Rachael, I love this sculpt! It looks like it is carved out of wood- gorgeous, but then all your work is amazing.

  • rachael

    Linda thank you very much. I have been checking your blog regularly & I love the gourd sculpt (I kinda liked the mottled look). Anyway I hope you are feeling better after your remodeling reaction.

  • kathy collins

    Rachael, your creations are always a plesure to view. I of course have you on my desktop and check all the time. i even send links of your page to friends. Keep up the fantastic work. Your pieces of art are a capture of soul and spirit and shine through each piece. Make an old hippie happy and mix up a batch of ‘back in the day'(you know the gang).
    love always
    kathy collins

  • rachael

    Hi Kath
    Thanks. It’s good to hear from you again. what do you think I should make? I would love to hear your suggestions. Hey have you talked to my mom? She has a doc appt Monday. Call her. Talk to you soon.

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