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  • kathy collins


    I am so fucking impressed!!!!!!
    I’m sorry I missed your show. Jill says it was great. I know that what you’ve created “something from nothing” expresses a wonderfull element of thoughtfull prose. There is poetry and motion in your posing women. I especially liked the work in progress. I saw your store with the cards and pics-nice job.
    I think ‘Sneaks’ needs to be on your main pic page. i really liked that a lot. keep on truckin momma. you should have a hippie page you have enough material with all us flower childs.
    love kath

  • rachael

    hi kath
    how the hell are you
    thank you so much for checking it out
    so you think the tennis shoe girl should be my front page?
    is that what you meant- she was one of my absolute favorites
    hope to see you soon
    me (rachael)

  • Steve Verhoeven

    Hi Rach,
    Just found your website, and really liked it.(stored it under my favorites)
    Being an artist myself, I can appreciate what you’r doing.
    Nice to see you’r taking it up a notch as far as technique goes.
    Would like to know how big they are though.
    Maybe you can drop me a line ,so I can find out.
    Keep up the good work.

  • rachael

    Hi Steve
    Thanks for looking. I would really like to see your stuff too.
    As far as size, they are all different. The one in this post is about 9 inches tall.

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