3 responses to “make-up

  • Heather Hipkiss

    Hi Buddy,

    Of course you know I’m your biggest fan, I will always be. I am so glad you are finally using your talents on something constructive so everyone can enjoy it.

  • Mathieu René

    It all looks awesome!
    I love the poses, the “implied” subject matters, the variety of shapes, the accuracy of proportions, and the textures.

    Two comments concerning technique:

    -I love the honesty of the paper texture. You truly have a gift for exploiting it.
    However be careful in certain key areas, it can sometimes translate into weakness. For example, your “make-up” piece looks like it has a shrivelled up arm, because is gets too thin in some textured areas.

    -try to get better photos of your work. The slightest blur, the littlest lack of sharpness, the lighting problems are a nuisance to the accuracy and quality of your work. Dion’t get me wrong, I think your pics are OK, but they certainly could be better.

    Sadly, I see a LOT of bad quality pics online, even opn professionnal’s sites. We as artists need to make our own stuff as close to the real thing as possible.
    No one else will.

    Keep us posted on your work!

  • rrenna

    Thanks Mathieu
    I agree about the arm. It is very hard sometimes to get it right especially on the small ones. No excuses though, the imperfections are why I love paper mache as opposed to polymer or something like that.
    You are exactly right about the pics also but I cannot afford a better camera right now so I just make do.
    Thank you very much for the feedback & suggestions. I appreciate it.

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